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Stateful Inspection Firewall

Net Guard's ICSA-certified firewal provides stateful and deep packet inspection., and allows enterprises to set user identity-based policies as well as control IM and P2P traffic based on the user's work profile

Virtualprivate Network (SSL VPN & IPSec)

Net Guard Provides a total solution for secure remote connectivity with its VPNC-certified SSL and IPSec VPNs in addition to L2TP and PPTP on its UTM appliiances. With the choice of secure web-based VPN, Net Guard SSL VPN delivers Anywhere-Any Device remote access to road warriors, telcommuters, partners, customers accessing corporate networks from multiple locations like homes, client networks, public kiosks, hotspots on varied devices like laptops, mobile devices and desktops in internet cafes. Moreover, IPSec VPN delivers site-to-site, host-to-host & host-to-net connectivity. Net Guard's Threat Free Tunneling (TFT) technology scans VPN traffic for malware & intrusions, securing corporate networks. With the Layer 8 identity-based policies, Net Guard VPN gives controlled access based on a user's work profile

Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Net Guard offers gateway level scanning and blocking of HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP traffic with real-time protection against malware and intrusions. Enterprises can set identity-based differential scanning policies based on user identity, allowing greater web security.

Gateway Anti-Span

Net Guard Anti-Span delivers zero-hour protection through content-agnostic RPD TM - Recurrent Pattern Detection which provides industry's best spam and theeat detection capabilities. Granularity in mail management allows policies based on size, subject and more, reducing false positives. With proactive virus detection technology, Net Guard identifies massive email porn virus outbreaks as soon as they emerge

IPS-Intrusion Prevention System

Net Guard IPS supports multiple protocols and automatically detects, blocks or drops suspicious traffic with its automatically updated 3000+ signatures. Enterprise can create custom signatures and userspecific policies, eliminating false positives in addition to blocking applications like P2P, Kaaza, Skype and more.

Content & Application Filtering

Net Guard controls web access, using WebCat, Net Guard's automated web categorization engine which groups sites segregated into more than 82+ categories. It's web filter controls access to websites hosted over HTTPS, blocking access to unauthorized websites through anonymous proxies applications like chat, voice & audio streaming. Enterprises can assign identity-based web access policies and prevent HTTP file uploads meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance.

Bandwidth Management

Net Guard allows optimum bandwidth utilization and control over congestion, preventing bandwidth abuse. Enterprises can establish priorities to dedicate bandwidth based on hierarchy, department, groups and individuals, as well as allocate bandwidth based on usage, web category and time of the day. Committed and burstable bandwidth allocation prioritizes traffic to bandwidth-sensitive applications.

Multiple Link Management

Net Guard Multiple Link Management offers load balancing over multiple links, allowing enterprise to optimize ISP links. It offers gateway failover, monitoring link availability of multiple WAN connections and transfers traffic from a failed link to a working link, delivering dependable, seamless connectivity.

On-Appliance Reporting

Net Guard extensive reporting includes user-identity based reports that help identify change in pattern of activity and finetune network policies. Traffic discovery provides details of data transfer, application usage and more, bringing suspicious traffic patterns to the administrator's notice. Net Guard also includes over 45 compliance reports aiding HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, SOX and CIPA compliance. It facilitates viewing and exporting reports in Graphical, Tabular & CSV formats

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